Works in progress…

Maison La Vallette is now reaching it’s final stages… it’s like a jigsaw puzzle falling into place – piecing all the bits together (just like the Da Vinci Code 😉


The bedroom
The legs of the bed have been hand carved out of solid wood while the headboard is being put together by a local craftman. Red and gold damask – same material as those covering the walls of the President’s Palace in San Anton (Attard). The vanity unit will be delivered early next week, as well as the rest of the furniture.

The living room
The bespoke cream sofa is now in place.

The kitchen
The kitchen has been painted in an intense Caravaggio Red (having seen the newly restored Caravaggio inspired me to paint the room in this wonderful shade)

The bathroom
The Edwardian bath has been fitted within the tiled walls of the bathroom.