We’re making sure that your holiday home will feel as good as our own…

The bed linen and towels have been delivered directly from Egypt. Big fluffy towels in top quality Egyptian Cotton at 650gsm for maximum pampering. Soft high-thread bed linen for maximum comfort.

Why Egyptian cotton?
Like anything else, the finest quality can only truly be achieved when made from the finest quality materials. The quality of the cotton depends on the length of the fibres, known as staples. The longer the staple – the better the cotton. The cotton is then carded to remove dirt and short fibres. However a process called combing is far more meticulous and will remove up to 15% of the fibres. This combing process will leave only the longest staples, ready for spinning and weaving into the strongest and finest fabric. The result is a fabric which is softer and more sumptuous than any other.

Those who already have this cotton in their bedrooms will feel at home… those who haven’t will enjoy the comfort of this material 🙂

We’re taking care of the little details too… Ralph Lauren Napkins for the kitchen, Wedgewood plates, Alessi lemon juicer just to mention a few…

We’re making sure that your holiday home – Maison La Vallette – will feel as good as our own!
(not even the local Hilton – Malta at Portomaso is as lavish as this little understated house in Valletta… probably Paris Hilton would feel more at home in the comodities of the Maison… but then again the place is probably not commercial enough for her tastes! 🙂