Maltese Feasts and Celebrations in Valletta

There are some 60 events throughout the year; most of these take place during the summer months. The Maltese festa has a long established tradition and relate to religious celebrations.
Valletta with its 25 churches, which date back to the knights of Malta offers the best possible insight into the culture of these feasts in Malta. Some statues which are taken out on these special occasions, date back to the fifteenth century. Streets are decorated with brightly coloured banners and offer a festive and vibrant celebration. The grand finale of these festivities is the fireworks display which draws a huge crowd.
The pictures show the life size statue of St Rita being carried by a team of man. This is an exhausting exercise and is a tradition which dates back to centuries. Pictures were taken in Old Bakery street Valletta minutes away from Maison La Vallette.