Easter celebrations in Malta

Photos: Valletta Suites

The Passion of Christ, or Easter Week is one of Malta’s most important celebration. It is a celebration of life itself and the whole country comes alive. The Catholic Church in Malta is passionate about Easter celebrations. Each town has its own accent on its celebrations and many of the local residents will be involved in some way. These differ from one area to another, but in common they all portray life, colour, culture, music and passion plays, all with a very religious meaning.
Everywhere, processions make their way through the village streets, carrying religious icons and symbols of the faith. In Valletta alone there are about 25 churches, that will hold some form of function related to these images. Easter week has to be experienced first hand to be fully appreciated and no words can begin to describe the emotions that you get wherever you go. If you have the opportunity to sample these festivities, one thing is sure, the images will stay with you forever.
You will find, that during these celebrations accommodation is very difficult to find, especially in Valletta. Many people resort to booking in advance.