Cire Trudon Nazareth Candle

An opulent Christmas at Valletta Nobile

Cire Trudon Nazareth Candle
A Cire Trudon Nazareth candle in the living room at Valletta Nobile

A touch of Christmas at Valletta Nobile, our baroque inspired suite. The decor at Valletta Nobile is already very opulent however at Christmas time we add a few touches that enhance the Holiday Spirit. Hand-cut iron Christmas Trees, wreaths and small touches that compliment the decor.

This year we introduced the option for guests to experience the unique scents of the oldest (and best) candles in the world – Cire Trudon. As seen in the picture above, the Nazareth candle compliments the decor perfectly and creates an amazing warm atmosphere!

Cire Trudon candles are available on-order at Valletta Suites.