Casa Rocca Piccola – the splendour of Maltese Palaces

A Maltese family owned Palace in the heart of Valletta.
Casa Rocca Piccola is the home of The 9th Marquis and Marchioness de Piro. It is still privately owned and is a much loved family home. The value of Casa Rocca Piccola lies in its ability to provide unique historical evidence into the customs and traditions of the Maltese nobility over the last 400 years. You can also see a collection of furniture, silver and paintings that add to the aesthetic riches of this country. Casa Rocca Piccola contains over 50 rooms, the majority of which are open for viewing. Over the last few years a Museum of Costume has been opened in the property and also the World War II Air Raid Shelters have provided a dramatic and exciting addition to the tours of the house. This has all been made possible from the contributions that come in from the thousands of tourists who come to Malta and Valletta every year.

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Casa Rocca Piccola