The Malta Feast of the Year

Photo: Valletta Nobile

For a city with a long history of past glories, more than any other on the continent, the capital of Malta is still excitingly forward-looking.
Valletta has managed to balance itself in a liaison between culture, commerce and good living; and has long been celebrated as the most aesthetically pleasing city in Malta. Walking through the fairytale squares, centuries-old churches and sprawling palaces run streets alive with sociability and joie de vivre. One of the best ways to enjoy the city is to join in one of the local celebrations.
St Paul’s feast on Feb 10th is one of the few feasts to be celebrated in winter. With streets lined with banners and festoons, St Paul’s feast is a lively celebration with fireworks and a procession with the statue of the Saint in the streets of Valletta. The church of St Paul Shipwrecked, has a sumptuous interior as befits a building dedicated to one of Malta’s patron saints, it is lavish, and it houses some venerated possessions.