Slow life

Just a short walk and you reach Marsamxett. A small ferryboat awaits. This is just below Valletta bastions few minutes away from Maison La vallette. Small coffee shops surround the area and colourful Maltese boats are safely positioned on the ramps. Across just ten minutes away by ferry is Sliema with its ever changing skyline of new hotels and apartments – a sure contrast to the Old City a baroque jewel of world heritage stature.

Two Twenty-Two is the place to stop and refresh yourself. It must have been a deposit centre back when the Knights of Malta were sovereign rulers. It is now a hip place; clean and minimalist. The view from the terrace is of St. Patrick’s church which dominates the skyline. There is a wonderful selection of wines and a good menu to please the most discerning.
These are the elements of a truly slow life. Maltese horse-driven carriages await just below. A slow tour follows the same route Maltese Damas used to take to arrive at St. John’ Co-Cathedral, the conventual church of the Order of the Knights. Here it is impossible to not stop and view the Great Caravaggio’s Masterpiece – The Beheading of St. John the Baptist. It is Caravaggio’s most extraordinary creation. A huge canvas, the largest he ever painted. Still in its original location. Slow life is wonderful…. sit and enjoy….