Notte Bianca (Valletta-Malta) – An all night celebration of arts and culture in Valletta

The second edition of Notte Bianca — Lejl Imdawwal, is to be held on the October 06, with an ambitious programme of art, music, drama, photography, re-enactments, food and drink.

In this year’s edition of the Notte Bianca, the general public will be able to visit the National Museum of Arts, the armoury, the State Rooms in the Palace, the Auberge of Castille, St. John Cathedral amongst other places.

Guided tours for children will also be organised, as well as tours of palaces and auberges.

Launching the event, Minister for Tourism and Culture Francis Zammit Dimech said that following the large crowds which attended the event last year, the Ministry aims on improving the turnout of this year’s Notte Bianca.

“This year’s programme is more ambitious and is spread over a larger area, between Victoria Gate and Castille square.”