Maltese Flea Markets

For a relaxing day, enjoy a visit to Birgu which is just a short distance from Valletta. The old city is situated just across the Grand Harbour. The best views of the city is from the Upper Barrakka where you can admire the massive Fort St Angelo which today houses the headquarters of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta – the Order of the Knights of St. John. It was from here that the great Master Caravaggio escaped to Naples after his short-lived adventure in Malta.

If you time your visit on Sunday morning you may try your luck at the antiques flea market. Here you will find all sorts of war time memorabilia, old coins, stamps, books and much more. The market starts as early as 7.00am and finishes at noon. Should you plan your visit during the week, the best day is a tuesday for the weekly flea market where you will find anything from fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, clothes and other interesting bric-a-brac! And you can also haggle for the price….

Birgu is 15 minutes by bus from Valletta. You can also cross over on one of the small Maltese harbour gondolas from the Valletta waterfront just 5 minutes away.