Latin Jazz in Valletta

On Wednesday 16 April at 8pm, Teatru Manoel in collaboration with the German Embassy in Malta proudly presents a Latin Jazz concert entitled Vida Pura.

This ensemble, which has toured in Columbia, China and Germany, brings together the world renowned musicians Sebastian Schunke – piano (Berlin); Olvido – vocals (Cuba Berlin); Lukmil Perez – drums (Cuba Paris); Felepe Cabrera – bass (Cuba Paris); El Indio – trumpet (Cuba Berlin). These Grammy award winning artistes fuse the intense energy of their home cultures to create music which merges the boundaries of classical music and Latin rhythms.

This evening promises to entice the audience with music that is structured but spontaneous, familiar yet exotic in a Latin Jazz environment.

“The jazz element seems to shimmer between the main stream and avant guard, immeasurably enhanced by rhythmic excitement introduced through Schunk’s masterly use of extravagant time signatures…” (quepasa-magazine). These musicians career have been welcomed by the intriguing comments of critics and audiences alike.

For more information kindly contact Teatru Manoel’s Booking Office on 2124-6389 or Online bookings are available on

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