Holy Week in Valletta and Birgu (Vittoriosa)

Holy Week in Malta takes place during the week before Easter and has held an important place in Malta’s calender for centuries.
The cult of Christ Passion and Resurrection from Lent to Pentecost. This is very similar to procession held in Spain and particularly Seville. Many churches have movable floats depicting images of Christ, the Virgin or scenes of the Passion. Some date back to the Knights of Malta and have been commission from artists in Spain, due to the fact that the Order of St John had the Spanish Language as one of its members in the order.

The celebrations make an impressive spectacle that is both a ‘festa’ and a time of religious devotion. Churches as decorated with flowers and damask wall coverings. In Valletta, as well as in other localities, especially Birgu and the Cottonera area you will find exhibitions of miniature statues. Last Supper displays also attract thousands of visitors, both local and foreign. The ‘Table’ display dates back 200 years. Plates are arranged in a very artistic manner. Religious subjects from renowned works of art which are then reproduced with fine mineral salt, rice and pasta.

The culmination of these activities is Easter Sunday. A procession with a statue of the risen christ moves around the streets close to the church. At the end, the way is cleared and the statue-bearers take a run to carry the Risen Christ triumphantly back into the church.

Easter day is traditionally celebrated with eating of ‘Figolla’ which is an almond-filled pastry, covered in icing. These come in all shapes and forms!