Best restaurants in Valletta

4 Fabulous & Affordable Places to Eat in Valletta

Best restaurants in Valletta
Guide to Valletta Restaurants

Everyone on a visit to Valletta is in search of restaurants that serve great food at decent prices and avoid the usual tourist trap!

Here are our selected top 4 restaurants that serve up authentic Maltese food.

These four restaurants are within walking distance from our Suites, all located in Old Bakery street Valletta.

Don’t be misled by the sign on the outside which used to be a sweet shop dating back to ’20s. This small and intimate restaurant, is one of the favourite amongst locals. Special dish is the Maltese rabbit.

A new addition to Valletta’s culinary scene, with an open plan kitchen which is hard to miss when walking in Old Bakery street. The actual restaurant is located in a split-level dining area full of character and charm. The menu is varied; fish, pasta and meat dishes are beautifully presented and excellent value for money.

Located underneath the Manoel Theatre, Fumia is also a local favourite. Over time it has proved to be one of the best restaurants in the city. It specialises in traditional Italian and Sicilian food. If you prefer fish, this is the best place to try out local fish, maybe ‘Lampuki’ when in season!
Update: Fumia has now moved out of Valletta

Black Pig
Located at the lower part of Old Bakery Street, a laid-back restaurant with a constantly changing seasonal menu.